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JDA The Moon

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We have been closely working with the designer the past few days to get a definite answer to the manufacturing problem and we would like to share some updates with you:

1. State of Drunken Inks manufacturing issue: After some experiments with the Drunken Inks new molding system, the process of making additional spacebars to match existing keycap sets became more complicated. Same dyesub machine can produce different color when temperature is slightly different. They may have to remake other keys with spacebar together in order to match the gradient color (because the sculpture and gradient color, every single row is different). Yield rate was greatly impacted and Drunken Ink can’t produce our keycaps with consistent QA rate, which means if we stick with them, we will have to wait indefinitely for them to finish the sets, as they have to prioritize production keycaps orders. This being said, the designer has made a tough decision to stop waiting for Drunken Ink and manufacture the sets himself with a similar but new profile. This means the designer has more control over manufacturing speed and quality of this set.

Good news is that while we are waiting for Drunken Inks experiments, the designer has started the sample making process and the color matching result is pretty exciting.

Some more detail about the new profile:

- Same as JDA, its height is similar to OEM. Also sculpted, but with larger spherical contact surface

- Caps has similar silky touch and better quality

- Raw PBT formula with better support for gradient color Please see below pictures for color matching result and profile comparison.

2. Timeline - the designer already kicked off the manufacturing process and is expected to finish our sets by the early Nov. We are looking to ship in December.

3. Compensation for the delay - this is ClickClack’s very first drop and we sincerely apologize for the delay and all the inconveniences. As compensation for the delay and thank you for your trust, patience & support, we have purchased Black on White (BoW) keycap sets from the designer and give them to all The Moon international GB participants. Free of charge — we will cover both the keycap set and extra shipping costs.

About this BoW set:

- OEM Profile

- Around 120 keys

- High quality Dyesub PBT Keycaps

- Made by The Moon designer’s own factory

In the end, we totally understand that you might not want to wait anymore even with the free bonus set, please reach out to We will offer a full refund.

And for those who will continue to wait with us, we appreciate your support and patience.

Feel free to ask any questions via, as always, we will try our best to answer. Again, we truly appreciate your trust, continued support and patience!


We have confirmed again that ALL sets for global orders (orders placed with us, plus extras) have passed QC and have arrived at designer’s warehouse. These sets are different than the flaw sets and are waiting for additional spacebars (7U, 3U, 2.75U). Designer told us that new molding system (previous one had injection point issue) for these spacebars arrived Drunken Ink (manufacturer) on 7/21. Manufacturer is setting things up and will start to produce new spacebars soon. Drunken Ink have stopped to make more The Moon sets because Chinese GB orders will be fulfilled with different profile. Because of The Moon’s gradient color, yield rate is much lower than regular Dye-sub sets (sometimes temperature change in same machine may produce different color). However, these additional spacebars for global orders will still be made by Drunken Ink. Designer and us are pushing manufacturer for a more affirmative timeline before we consider other options for these spacebars. We will share it here ASAP.

Once we have these manufacturing issues sorted out, we will finalize bonus content to compensate for delay of The Moon sets. We are truly grateful for your understanding and trust! We hope these will resolve the confusions.

Together with The Moon designer and manufacturer, we feel very sorry for the delay!

Again, we will send out emails and notify in Discord to confirm shipping address before we ship. You can wait for that email if you would like to change your shipping address.

 06/10/2021 Manufacturer has finished most of the QC parts. However, due to the recent resurgence of COVID-19 cases and movement restriction in Guangdong Province (where Drunken Ink is located), PBT material delivery and molding process for final batch of QC parts got delayed. Sadly, our designer's trip to factory got cancelled. We sorry to say that fulfillment process for the Moon may be delayed into July 2021.
 05/12/2021 Manufacturing of QC replacement keys are still in process, due to complexity of the Moon's gradient color. Manufacture told us that this QC process is taking longer than expected and they are looking at finishing this process around beginning of June.
  • Production have finished for all 3 colorways.
  • Manufacture is producing QC replacement keycaps for all 3 colorways. This process is more complex and takes longer than we expected, due to the nature of The Moon's gradient color.
  • The Moon's White Moon sets' production have finished and under QC.
  • Blue and Blood Moon sets are in production.
  • We are on track to finish production of all set around end of April.
  • JDA The Moon is in production. We are looking at finishing all orders before end of April.
  • Color matching and pre production validation has started. Our designer is on site. (Please go to our Discord server under #keebs-flex channel for teaser pictures)
  • Production will take longer than we expected, due to the upcoming Chinese National holiday. We are on track for our fulfillment timeline.
  • We are looking to start manufacturing JDA The Moon on around March 30th
  • All 3 color ways' complete sample will be made before mass production. Designer will be on site to make sure it meets our design.
  • Order placed with manufacturer
  • Plastic Moldings for additional spacebars have finished
  • We are on track for manufacturing around end of this month

  Group Buy has concluded:

  • Sold 199 sets
  • Sold in CN GB: around 400 sets



  1. This is a keycap set and not a keyboard. You will need a keyboard kit and mechanical switches to build a working keyboard.
  2. This is not an in-stock keycap set. You are participating in a Group Buy.

Group Buy Information:

  • Time: 5 PM EST on Feb. 26th, 2021 - 11:59 PM EST on Mar 15th, 2021
  • Where: you are looking at where you can buy : )
  • Price: 109.99 USD
  • Ship Time: May-June 2021


Details about this Set:
    • MX compatible Stem
    • Sold as a 163-key large set (including Base and Novelties)
    • Inspired by colors of the moon and night and designed by Southeart
    • We have the following 3 colors for you to choose from
      • Blue Moon (Moon icons only)
      • Blood Moon (Latins in gold color)
      • White Moon (Latins in gold color)
    • Profile: JDA - Drunken Ink Manufactured
    • 5-side Dyesub PBT Plastic

    What are included:

    • 163 JDA Profile Keycaps
    • Premium ABS keycap organizer with 2 trays
    • Drunken Ink Package Box


    • You CAN cancel your order BEFORE the GB ends.
    • You CAN NOT cancel your order AFTER the GB ends.
    • Please reach out to support[at] if you you have questions regarding your order.