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JDA The Moon

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 This Group Buy has concluded.


  • Production have finished for all 3 colorways.
  • Manufacture is producing QC replacement keycaps for all 3 colorways. This process is more complex and takes longer than we expected, due to the nature of The Moon's gradient color.
  • The Moon's White Moon sets' production have finished and under QC.
  • Blue and Blood Moon sets are in production.
  • We are on track to finish production of all set around end of April.
  • JDA The Moon is in production. We are looking at finishing all orders before end of April.
  • Color matching and pre production validation has started. Our designer is on site. (Please go to our Discord server under #keebs-flex channel for teaser pictures)
  • Production will take longer than we expected, due to the upcoming Chinese National holiday. We are on track for our fulfillment timeline.
  • We are looking to start manufacturing JDA The Moon on around March 30th
  • All 3 color ways' complete sample will be made before mass production. Designer will be on site to make sure it meets our design.
  • Order placed with manufacturer
  • Plastic Moldings for additional spacebars have finished
  • We are on track for manufacturing around end of this month

  Group Buy has concluded:

  • Sold 199 sets
  • Sold in CN GB: around 400 sets



  1. This is a keycap set and not a keyboard. You will need a keyboard kit and mechanical switches to build a working keyboard.
  2. This is not an in-stock keycap set. You are participating in a Group Buy.

Group Buy Information:

  • Time: 5 PM EST on Feb. 26th, 2021 - 11:59 PM EST on Mar 15th, 2021
  • Where: you are looking at where you can buy : )
  • Price: 109.99 USD
  • Ship Time: May-June 2021


Details about this Set:
    • MX compatible Stem
    • Sold as a 163-key large set (including Base and Novelties)
    • Inspired by colors of the moon and night and designed by Southeart
    • We have the following 3 colors for you to choose from
      • Blue Moon (Moon icons only)
      • Blood Moon (Latins in gold color)
      • White Moon (Latins in gold color)
    • Profile: JDA - Drunken Ink Manufactured
    • 5-side Dyesub PBT Plastic

    What are included:

    • 163 JDA Profile Keycaps
    • Premium ABS keycap organizer with 2 trays
    • Drunken Ink Package Box


    • You CAN cancel your order BEFORE the GB ends.
    • You CAN NOT cancel your order AFTER the GB ends.
    • Please reach out to support[at] if you you have questions regarding your order.